Art Submissions


Submission types: Painting, drawing, digital art, ceramics, sculpture, illustration, and more!

Submission criteria: Work should be personal in nature and and not done for a client or company. Images will be juried according to artistic merit and with respect to both the contents of the magazine and the academic environment.

Digital File Preparation:

  • File format: .jpg, .pdf or .tif
  • 10 images maximum
  • File size: 10mb maximum for each image
  • Color profile: RGB or CMYK
  • Image size: maximum height 10” (or 3,000px) for portrait images. Maximum width 16” (or 5,100px) for landscape images.
  • Image resolution: 300dpi
  • File names: Please name your file with the following naming convention: “FirstName_LastName_WorkTitle.jpg”
  • File names should contain no spaces, or any special characters (like ! # $ % ^ @ + , : ; + ( )
  • File names should contain no period other than the one before the file extension (.jpg)

All submissions must be photographs or high resolution scans of original art.  If it is not possible for you to provide a high-quality digital image, you may submit a picture taken with a cell phone.  Please please watch this video tutorial for tips on how to photograph your art with your smart phone. 

If selected for inclusion in the journal, we may assist with professional photography, but we strongly encourage you to have your work professionally photographed for entry.

*Important: Artists will need a gmail account to submit work.